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NYC melodic punks Dead On A Friday are currently in-studio recording their second full-length album due for release Fall 2014 courtesy of VLE records!

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A Day in the Vice

VLE Records

“A band that succeeds where others have failed and still try for a win, not knowing when to stop, luckily these guys get it right. A very good start and definitely a band to keep an ear out for to see what they do in the future.”


Rick Ecker,

New Noise Magazine

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25 October 2014

Fozzy's Hero @ The Crest

La Crescenta, CA

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Four Corners

VLE Records

“Four Corners isn't just another run of the mill street punk album about politics and beer. It sets itself apart with songs that are not just socially conscious, but introspective as well.”


Creature of War,

08 November 2014

Fozzy's Hero @ The Hard Hat Lounge

Las vegas, NV